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The good thing about FATS is that people enjoy coming to meetings and being part of its various activities. It is a pleasure to belong to FATS. This sense of enjoyment, as well as useful activity, is achieved because of the people who make up FATS. The members of the executive do their jobs well and without fuss. The rest of the membership pitch in when needed. We all know that a successful group is a co-operative group and so FATS is not besieged with cliques or self-interest sub-groups that have torn other societies apart. And so I applaud all of you for maintaining FATS as a fun place to be.

FATS is also financially strong, thanks to our long-standing Treasurer Karen White. Because we are so sound, we again offered student research grants this year.  Grant Webster was successful in attaining a second grant for his frog work on male colouration in frogs.

FATS held a number of community activities this year including various talks at community groups such as the Wolli Creek Society, Dural Library, frog activities at the Kuring-gai Wildflower Gardens, the Royal Easter Show and children’s education sessions at “Science in the City” at the Australian Museum and in some schools. Great thanks are given to Kathy and David Potter and family for organising most of these events.

FATS also undertook the Bell Frog auditory surveys at Sydney Olympic Park in November and December. Thanks to SOPA for supporting FATS. FATS is a member of the NSW Government’s Advisory Committee on Native Animals, as well as the Task Force for Cane Toads in New South Wales.

Robert Wall organised a great series of field trips that are always well attended. These are for anyone who wants to come- you don’t have to be frog know-all to attend.  But make sure that you get your name down on the attendance sheet as quick as you can after the trips are announced or else you could miss out.

Monica, our editor, has been busy as always, producing Frogcall, our flagship publication. It is a great credit to her and a wonderful means of getting frog news around. Our special December colour editions (produced by Marion Anstis) have become collectors’ items.

Many thanks to our other executive members: Wendy and Phillip Grimm, Marion Anstis, Andre Rank, Andrew Nelson, Lothar Voigt, Punia Jeffery, Vicky Deluca, and Sheila Briffa. Each has contributed whole-heartedly and helped keep FATS alive and well. This year Andrew Nelson will be stepping down after serving for quite a while as our Membership Officer. We are most appreciative of Andrew and Fiorella Nelson’s long hours of work in this role.

Another special thanks to our web site Manager, Phillip Grimm. Phillip’s efforts have turned our web site around to become one that is current and much more presentable. If you haven’t seen the revised web site please do so. Any feedback that you want to give us is welcome. Phillip has also volunteered to take over the job of Membership Officer after Andrew Nelson retired. Thank you Phillip for all the time and effort that you have put into our website, and for accepting the job to look after our membership organisation.

Another big thanks is due to Judy Harrington who helps with the room set up each meeting and is a staunch FATS ally. Thank you Judy.

Finally, I would like to thank all of our members for making FATS such a great group to be in. People really make an organisation and FATS is the pick of the bunch. It is a joy to be President of FATS and to be involved with you all.

Arthur White