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What to do if you find a toad in New South Wales


Step 1. Confine. Confine the toad (alive) in a container. Check that it is a toad. If you are unsure, release it. Some native frogs look a bit like toads. Take a photo of the toad.

Step 2. Report. Report your finding to the DPIE Biosecurity Hotline 1800 680 244, or report it online through  invasive.species@dpi.nsw.gov.au. Send your photo with the report to confirm that it is a toad that you have found.

Step 3. Killing the toad. Toads are living animals that are not to be treated cruelly or inhumanely. The simplest and most humane method to kill the toad is called stepped hypothermia (see Queensland RSPCA fact sheet).

            1, Place the toad in a cloth or thick plastic bag and place the tied bag in the fridge (at 40) for 12 hours. The toad will not die during this process but will be anaesthetised.

            2. Transfer the bag and toad into the freezer (at -20o) for at least 24 hours. The toad will die painlessly.

            3. Dispose of the carcass in a tied bag in your wheelie bin. Never leave dead toads out in the bush as other animals may scavenge the carcass and die from the toxins in the toads’ skin.

If you have touched the toad with your bare hands wash your hands thoroughly in running water to remove any traces of toxin from your skin.