2015 04 22 A.Payne Lim.d.dumerilli

  In 2008 FATS conducted our first

 Frog-O-Graphic competition.


 This proved very successful as we have

 many creative people in the group.

 So start photographing.

 We look forward to seeing your entries.


 Photo: Limnodynastes dumerilli dumerilli by Aaron Payne


FATS members’ 2017 Frog-O-Graphic competition

opens 1st May and closes 31st August, 2017


   Best Frog Image

   Best Pet Frog Image

   Most Interesting Image

   People’s Choice


Junior categories have been deleted

however if there are many excellent submissions,

we may add encouragement awards


Category winners to be decided by a panel of judges.

People's Choice will be decided by everyone present

at our 1st December FATS meeting.


All entries by email to photos@fats.org.au

All entries will be confirmed by email.

Maximum 6 entries per person.

Maximum attachment size 6MB.

Note: we do want high resolution photos for publication.


Please state:

    your name

    confirm that you are a financial FATS member

    age if under 18

    whether the image is of a pet frog

    contact phone number

Maximum six entries per person. Maximum attachment size 6 MB.

Fabulous prizes will be awarded for each category.

Entries must be original and your own work.

The winning entries may be featured in FrogCall, FATS 2018 calendar

and other FATS publications.


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